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About the Ultimate Menopause Bundle

Almost all women, at one time or another, will experience the menopause. Although everyone’s experience is different, often, most women will experience some of the most common symptoms such as changing moods, hot flushes and sleep disturbance. Not only that, the taboo nature of talking about vaginas means that we don’t discuss or ask about it, so don’t know what to potentially expect when it happens! This gift addresses the menopause in a helpful, direct and comforting way and is perfect for anyone experiencing this particular change in their body.

The Ultimate Menopause Bundle at a Glance

  • iBeanie - for making it easy to get comfortable in any place or position when using your tablet or reading your book
  • GelO Cooling Gel Mat - for easing restless nights caused by hot flushes or sweating at night
  • Me & My Menopausal Vagina by Jane Lewis - for demystifying the changes that happen to our bodies when experiencing the menopause in a tongue-in-cheek, informative but often hilarious narrative
  • Rollerballs Gift Set - for addressing mood changes and relaxing the mind and body in a handy, portable trio of soothing essential oil blends
  • Cotswold Lavender Bath Salts - 200g - for relaxing and pampering the body when you’re feeling stressed, tired or in need of a little TLC
  • Ultimate Menopause Bundle in Detail 

    iBeani: If you’re feeling restless and having trouble relaxing - both common menopausal symptoms - reading or using a tablet can help. Unfortunately, it can often be hard to get comfortable when you’re holding a tablet or book. Using the ultra-light iBeani support can help you do this, positioning your device at an angle that’s comfortable for you and taking the strain off your neck, back and wrists. Handmade in Britain using high quality, stylish fabric - the iBeani have styles that suit every home. 

    GelO Cooling Gel Mat: This ingenious cooling mat helps to stop your sleep being interrupted by hot flushes and night sweats. Both common but uncomfortable symptoms in women experiencing the menopause. The flexible GelO Mat can be taken anywhere and used on top of or under your sheets. The gel is naturally cooler than room temperature, but if you need an extra cooling boost you can refrigerate it before use. The medical grade gel material won’t leak and stays cooler for several hours after refrigeration, keeping you comfortable throughout the night. 

    Me & My Menopausal Vagina by Jane Lewis: This hilarious but poignant book breaks the taboos about how we talk about our vaginas, the menopause and vaginal atrophy. Written by Jane Lewis and her daughter, Penny, it’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the menopausal journey that manages to be informative, tear-jerking and uplifting at the same time. Through this book, you will become aware of the hidden secrets of menopause helping you through your own experiences whilst informing women, men and health professionals of all ages. 

    “If you have a vagina, know or love somebody with a vagina, you need to read this.” - Diane Danzebrink, The Menopause Counsellor

    “This extraordinary, outstanding book is refreshingly candid and one of a kind. It is the sort of book you will buy extra copies of, to give to your daughters, your sisters and your friends.” - Julie Bennett, Educational Author

    “Absolutely love it! Such an honest and informative read, smashing the taboo surrounding the conversation about our vaginas.” - Sam Evans, Sexual Health Expert

    Rollerballs Gift Set: If you’re not feeling yourself, or any time you need to take a few deep, calming breaths (don’t we all, sometimes?) these rollerballs could help. Perfect when you’re at home or on the go, our popular rollerball gift set can help soothe, relax and focus your mind when you want to unwind or take 5 minutes to yourself. The set of 3 includes peppermint to sooth, frankincense for mindfulness or lavender for relaxation. Simply choose whichever one suits your desired mood and roll onto your temples, wrists, collarbone and other pressure points around the body, then - take a deep breath! 

    Cotswold Lavender Bath Salts - 200g: Mood changes, difficulty sleeping and other symptoms of the menopause can leave you feeling frazzled. At the end of a long day when you’re feeling particularly stressed, blend of calming lavender bath salts can help you switch off your body and mind. The perfect treat before bed or when you just need a little extra TLC. These bath salts come in a screw-top jar that will look great in anyone’s bathroom. They’re made with no artificial perfumes and are not tested on animals.

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