Stratum C Menopause Spot Relief - 1 Pack

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"10/10 - I felt as though I had discovered a vial of magic potion!" - Daily Mail review

Stratum C Menopause Spot Relief is a quick, easy solution to those hormonal spots and breakouts that can flare up during menopause. Get overnight spot relief without drying or flaking, with a powerful treatment specially designed for sensitive menopausal skin.

  • Salicylic acid works to dissolve the debris clogging your pores and stop the blemish at its root
  • Sulphur acts as a pH stabiliser, reducing the acidic environment and reducing inflammation
  • Zinc oxide helps to regulate the skin by reducing redness and swelling.

Directions for use:

Stratum C Menopause Spot Relief oxidises in air forming a pink powder on the site of the spot. For that reason the active ingredients are stored under liquid to protect them. You will be tempted to shake the bottle, but DON'T!

Take a cotton bud and dip it into the pink sediment at the bottom and apply only to the affected spots and leave overnight - washing off in the morning. It may take a few applications but your spots will be gone while the rest of your skin stays healthy and hydrated. 

Stratum C - the only skincare range proven to protect menopausal skin.

Stratum C Menopause Skincare has been shown to nearly double the skin's own production of collagen during the peri-menopause and menopausal years, with active ingredients at much higher concentrations than high street brands.

Ingredients of Stratum C Menopause Spot Relief:

Purified Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, Collodial Sulphur, Zinc Oxide, Salicylic Acid, Magnesium Aluminium Silicate, Camphor, Iron Oxide. 


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