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These luxurious bamboo pyjamas are a must-have for night sweats, sensitive skin and general pampering. Sweet dreams are definitely made of these! The amazing properties of bamboo fabric make it moisture-wicking and super breathable for those sweating body heat surges, but also warm enough if it's a cool night. It's also the softest fabric you've ever felt, and having it against your skin at night is simply heaven. 

The pyjama set has a button-up shirt and elasticated bottoms. It comes in Blue and Wine, with a pretty silk trim. 

Key Benefits:

  • 95% bamboo cotton fabric
  • Relaxed fit, with a drawstring waist and a nice amount of stretch in the fabric
  • Literally the nicest, softest, most comfortable pyjamas you could ever find

Why women with menopause love these?

"These are the best pyjamas in the world. With other nightwear, my skin can't breathe and I wake up drenched in sweat. These pyjamas are so light and soft and comfortable and breathable - I love them."


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