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Can’t sleep? You're not alone - many women find that they have trouble sleeping during the menopause. Tossing and turning due to hot flushes and hot flashes or clammy night sweats can leave you feeling frustrated and fatigued. You might find that anxiety and tension prevent you from falling asleep comfortably in the first place.

The Sleep Better With Menopause Bundle is designed to help those who find getting a good night's sleep difficult. 

Key features

  • Jasmine Silk Sleep Mask - A great way to trick your brain into drifting off to sleep a little quicker, by blocking out light sources and creating a little bubble of calm.
  • Live Better With Sleep Balm - Contains blends of natural essential oils designed to help you relax and drift off to sleep.
  • Essential Oil Relaxation Blend Rollerball If you’re struggling to keep calm, focused and mindful, a quick roll of one of these rollerballs could be the trigger you need to gather your thoughts and gain some calm.
  • TheraPearl Cooling/Warming Neck Wrap - Specially created to soothe back and neck pain and can help cool hot flashes and reduce swelling.
  • Hot Beauty by Jennifer Young Night Body Spray - A refreshing and versatile spritz that can be used to cool and revitalise every morning. This delicately fragranced floral water is formulated to relax and calm.

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We're here to make everyday life a little bit better for the millions of women living with Menopause, all over the world.