Sincerely Sportsheets Kegel Exercise System

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Key Features

  • Set of 3 Kegel balls with handy guide for training and strengthening pelvic floor muscles
  • 3 weights: 45.3g, 73.7g and 104.9g for gradual improvement
  • Made of silicone: robust, pliant and body safe

During the menopause the lining of the urethra can become thinner and the surrounding pelvic muscles can weaken. This can result in urinary incontinence, or involuntary urine leakage. Kegel exercises are a good method of retraining the pelvic muscles to regain control without the use of drugs or chemicals. Kegel balls stimulate the muscle along the bottom of the pelvic wall (the Kegel) and make it involuntarily contract, without pain or discomfort. Done regularly as part of a routine this can train and strengthen the pelvic muscles and mean better bladder control. Since the pelvic muscles are also integral to pleasurable intercourse, regular Kegel exercises can result in a more enjoyable sexual experience for both partners.

This Sincerely Sportsheets set is ideal for any women interested in beginning a Kegel exercise routine. An instruction manual is even included for those who need coaching on how to go about improving pelvic strength. There are 3 differently weighted Kegel balls included with this set so that finding a comfortable weight shouldn’t be a problem, and as the pelvic muscles strengthen you can step things up with a heavier ball. These Kegel balls are made of body safe silicone for comfortable insertion and easy cleaning before and after use. The set even comes with a pouch for discrete storage of your new Kegel exercise set.

It is recommended that this product is used in conjunction with a high quality lubricant.

Sincerely Sportsheets Kegel Exercise System FAQs

  • Like any exercise routine, Kegel weights will only work if you do regular exercises and try to increase intensity over time. With continued use you should definitely be able to notice a difference over time, as the pelvic muscles are like any other muscle, and will get stronger if you exercise them regularly.

  • The Kegel Sportsheets Exercise System comes with a helpful manual to guide you through Kegel exercises step by step. The principle is that the Kegel balls are inserted into the vaginal opening, and you then practice tightening and relaxing your pelvic muscles.

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