Revita.COR Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner 205ml

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In Stock!

Revita.COR Hair Growth Stimulating Conditioner re-ignites hair growth and will help you to fight back against thinning hair brought on by menopause. 

Using a powerful bio-adhesive formula, Revita.COR Conditioner will increase the productivity of your hair follicles and hydrate your scalp. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Regular use leads to softer, stronger, more voluminous hair 
  • Features a lovely citrus scent
  • Helps to combat hair thinning caused by menopause 
  • Enriched with caffeine, lupine extract, and ginseng
  • Prevents hair damage 

Why do women with menopause love this product? 

"Thinning hair makes me feel less feminine. This conditioner has made a noticeable difference and has helped to restore my previous shine." 


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