Living in the Moment by Anna Black (1)

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Living in the Moment takes the reader on a journey of mindfulness and calm. The book is a fantastic resource for those who want an introduction to the practice, and for those who wish to appreciate and take note of the intricacies in life. The book is intricately illustrated, being of particular use for those who are experiencing stress related symptoms due to the menopause. 

Mindful meditation and relaxation methods are explored, allowing the reader to take notice of habitual thoughts and behaviours. The book is full of both short and simple, as well as more lengthy meditations, and is perfect for a broad range of individuals - from beginners who are only just discovering mindfulness to those experienced in the practice. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Relaxation methods which allow you tap into a sense of calm
  • Reduces anxiety levels with practical tips and tricks 
  • Useful for those negotiating the symptoms associated with menopause

Why do women with menopause love this product?

  • "Having never practiced meditation or mindfulness before, this book was a great introduction full of practical tips and advice"



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