Lindens Ginger Root Tablets 500mg

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  • Standardised to yield 4mg gingerols and shogaols per tablet
  • Super convenient, an essential for any travellers
  • Digestive aid

Ginger is a perennial plant that grows in India, China, Mexico, and a few other countries. The rhizome (underground stem) is used as both a spice and in herbal medicine.

The warming properties of Ginger have been enjoyed for centuries and are known to aid digestion as they can have a settling effect on the system. Ginger is also often used alongside products in our joint care range such as glucosamine or chondroitin.

Please note: all supplements should be discussed with your doctor before taking them, to make sure they don't interact with any medication you're on, or existing conditions you may have.

Lindens Ginger Root Tablets 500mg FAQs

  • Ginger is a traditional remedy for any issues with digestion and nausea. It is also thought to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Incorporating ginger or ginger supplements into your diet is a great way of improving your nutrition and overall health.

  • Up to 1 gram per day is a reasonable dose for the treatment of symptoms such as nausea. It is recommended that you avoid consuming more than 4 grams of ginger per day.

  • In reasonable amounts, ginger should not have any negative side effects, and rather will contribute to good health. If you were to have too much ginger there is a risk of heartburn and stomach aches. If you have a heart condition, diabetes or gallstones it is recommended you speak to your doctor before taking ginger as a supplement.

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