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Menopause can impact your sex life from both a physical and psychological perspective. This Libido Boost Kit will help relieve some of these issues, including vaginal dryness and difficulty relaxing.

The Libido Boost Kit includes:

Gynomunal is a vaginal moisturising gel containing natural hop extract – a source of phytoestrogens – long thought to be beneficial for gynaecological conditions.

Yes, Organic Water-Based Intimate Lubricant: Yes is the worlds first certified organic range of intimate lubricants. The lubricant rapidly relieves dryness and discomfort and leaves skin feeling clean and residue free, allowing you to enjoy sex without worry. 

Yes Water-Based Organic Intimate Lubricant Applicators: These have been designed to reduce irritation and dryness. It is Gynaecologist recommended and pH matched; allowing you to continue being intimate without worry.

Starlytes Lavender Blossom 3oz Candle: Aromatic candles can be a great way to help you relax and reduce the effects of stress. Made with a natural soy blend to ensure clean, safe burning the Starlytes Lavender candle is the perfect way to help you clear your mind and unwind with your partner.

Kneipp Back Comfort Massage Oil: This lovely oil soothes away tension in the neck and shoulders.The oil is both soothing and intensely moisturising.


Why do women who are going through the menopause love this product?

  • "I'm smiling again! These products are gentle, easy to apply and really helped me get my oomph back!!"

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