Aroma Home Lavender-Scented Neck Warmer

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In Stock!

 The Aroma Home Lavender Scented Neck Warmer is a comforting pick-me-up that will soothe your menopausal aches and pains. Specially designed to be worn around the neck, the warmer is easy to heat in the microwave – or cool in the fridge or freezer. The neck warmer is suitable for calming those hefty hot flushes or for soothing your sore and tired neck.

Key Benefits:

  • Uses natural flax and lavender seeds
  • Harnesses the benefits of aromatherapy to leave you calmer and rested
  • The outer wrap is made of 100% cotton so it won’t bother your tender skin
  • You can freeze, refrigerate, or heat the neck warmer to suit your needs 

Why do women with menopause love this product?  

“I always have a sore neck now that I’ve started the menopause, and I love using this warmer at night to gently relax my muscles. It makes a difference!”

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