Jasmine Silk Sleep Mask (2)

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 The Jasmine Soft Silk Sleep Mask is a super soft, luxurious way to help you to manage insomnia and wakefulness during the menopause. 

  • Super-soft, skin-friendly charmeuse silk - gentle on delicate eye skin
  • Thoroughly blocks out light so that you can get maximum rest, wherever you are 
  • Filled with 100% long mulberry silk floss - soft, hypoallergenic padding
  • Adjustable elasticated headband is secure but not too tight
  • Colours: brown or black 

Many women find that their sleeping patterns deteriorate as their hormones change. Falling asleep, staying asleep, and resting deeply are all slightly more difficult during the menopause, and many women struggle with fatigue as a result. 

Adding a few simple items to your sleep routine can help to set you up for sleep success. The Jasmine Soft Silk Sleep Mask is a simple and easy way to start tackling menopause-related insomnia and sleeplessness, without resorting to medications like sleeping tablets.


Why do women with menopause love this product? 

"I've started using an eye mask, and I find it makes a big difference to my quality of sleep. The fabric is gentle, and the mask is perfect for grabbing a quick nap in the afternoon when I need to even if it's light out." 

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