iBeani Tablet & iPad Cushion

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The iBeani Tablet and E-Reader Cushion is an innovative and bestselling comfort accessory. If you're spending time relaxing on the sofa, or cosy in bed, the iBeani is the perfect place to rest your tablet, iPad, book, or e-reader. Made in 8 lovely fabrics, the iBeani is simply a small-scale beanbag that can be arranged to suit your needs. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Makes resting more comfortable by taking strain off of the wrists and neck 
  • Lightweight and easy to move or carry around 
  • Contains a small pocket for earphones, styluses, or reading glasses
  • Accommodates tablets placed vertically or horizontally 
  • Serves as an extra cushion or support in a variety of circumstances

Why do women with menopause love this product? 

"The iBeani is genius - it's so easy to use and I find it way more comfortable to be on my tablet now." 

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