Lamberts Fema 45+ 180 Tablets

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Lamberts Fema 45+ tablets are a blend of  28 nutrients recommended for women going through the menopause. Particularly aimed at supporting bone health and may help with side effects of hormone changes during the menopause.

  • Contains excellent levels of B vitamins.

  • With calcium, magnesium and vitamin D for bone health.

  • High levels of vitamin E

More and more women are choosing to use vitamins and dietary supplements to help them manage their menopause symptoms. In fact, 48% of women in one survey said they regularly used vitamins to help them cope with symptoms of menopause.

Lamberts Fema 45+ provides 28 nutrients at relevant levels including trace minerals and plenty of antioxidants. It also provides good levels of magnesium and calcium, as well as vitamins D and K to reflect the current thinking on bone health. B vitamins are known to contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

Take 2 tablets daily with food.

Lamberts Fema 45+ Reviews:

"Fema45 plus and Promensil are two supplements I have started taking recommended by Maryon.  It’s only been a month and I have noticed improvements to flushes, sleep, mood and energy. Anne”

“I use Fema45+ and it has changed my life! - Michelle”

“Certainly since I started taking FEMA45+ my metabolism is working better than previously – Stella”

“FEMA 45 has made a huge difference to me – Issy”

“Since taking the Fema45 I seem to have more energy and seem a lot calmer and the hot flushes and nightsweats have reduced a lot too.  - Martina”


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