MYAID Femmax Set of 4 Vaginal Dilators

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Vaginal atrophy (the thinning of vaginal tissue and contraction of the pelvic muscles) is very common during the menopause, and often means reduced vaginal capacity, as well as a sometimes dry and inflamed vaginal tissue. This can mean that penetration during intercourse or a pelvic examination can become uncomfortable or even painful. The regular use of a dilator can relax and retrain the vaginal muscles so that this becomes less of an issue, gradually increasing capacity and encouraging blood flow to the region, which can promote supple and healthy tissue. This makes intercourse more comfortable and therefore more enjoyable for both parties, and can in turn help with reduced libido.

4 sizes: No.1 Dilator - 35mm diameter No.2 Dilator - 27mm diameter No.3 Dilator - 20mm diameter No.4 Dilator - 15mm diameter. Regular use of this product can mean a healthier and more confident relationship with this important region of the body.

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