Defiant Beauty Cool & Refresh Spritz 100g

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In Stock!

Defiant Beauty Cool and Refresh Spritz is an instant, in-your-face, cool-down-now solution that you won't want to go without! 

Using natural plant extracts and a hint of orange blossom fragrance, this facial mist can be used anywhere on the body. If you're in the middle of a big, sticky hot flush, this little spritz will help you to find relief. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Provides instant, cooling relief for raging hot flushes, hot flashes, and night sweats
  • Made using natural ingredients that won't irritate the skin 
  • Keep in the fridge for an extra-refreshing source of relief 

Why do women with menopause love this product? 

"Hot flushes can be so, so intense. I love using this spritz to take the edge off when I feel too hot to be wearing a shirt!" 

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