Become Anti-Flush Knickers

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Become clothing is more than just a comfy base layer - it's high-tech, patent-pending Anti-Flush Technology™, designed by women, for women.

Proven to reduce the number and severity of hot flushes and night sweats in over 95% of women, Become clothing is light and silky, and feels cool against the skin, with a seamless design to avoid uncomfortable stitching or labels.

  • Proven to reduce hot flushes and night sweats in over 95% of women
  • High-tech fabric with Anti-Flush Technology™
  • Channels heat and moisture away from your body during hot flushes
  • With odour-preventing finish for all-day freshness
  • Lightweight, cool and silky against the skin
  • Comfortable midi-style with a higher waistline and thigh-skimming leg cut
  • Materials:
  • Knickers: 84% Nylon and 16% Spandex

Why do hot flushes happen?

As oestrogen levels change during the menopause, one of the most affected areas of your body is the hypothalamus; a walnut-shaped section of your brain that controls appetite, sleep cycles, hormones and body temperature.

When you're having a hot flush, your hypothalamus is sending signals to your body telling it that it's too hot, which causes you to start sweating and feeling flushed - the body's normal response to excessive heat.

After you've sweated for a while, these processes then cause your core body temperature to drop, which then gives you the sudden chills that often follow a hot flush. Thanks a lot, hypothalamus.

Become's unique 'intelligent' fabric has three key features that make it so effective in managing hot flushes:

  • Heat transference

The cooling yarns used in Become fabric are flat - this gives the yarn more surface area, allowing the fabric to 'pick up' and distribute more heat away from the body.

A unique polymer additive in the material increases the surface area even further, forming small channels in the fabric that help to drive even more heat away from the skin.

The fabric is finished with a texturising process that gives it maximum breathability and ventilation - so it feels light, silky and cool against the skin, while actively helping to distribute heat away from the body.

  • Moisture wicking

Become's fabric also features an innovative 'intelligent' moisture-wicking system that mimics the normal cooling processes of your skin.

The material helps moisture to evaporate faster when the skin is hot, and slower when the skin is cool - so when a hot flush hits, the material can capture the extra moisture and transfer it away from the body, keeping you feeling fresh when you need it most.

The fibres in the material are delicately balanced to allow moisture to travel through the layers of yarn to the outer surface of the fabric.

By transporting moisture from your skin to the outer surface of the fabric, Become clothing offers a dynamic, intelligent response to changing temperatures, both during hot flushes and in the environment around you.

  • Odour reduction

All Become fabric is treated with a smart-tech finish usually found in extreme sportswear. The finish prevents odour by creating a barrier that blocks odour-producing bacteria from taking hold in the fabric.

So while the fabric is transporting sweat away from your skin, it won't absorb bacteria or allow them to flourish - meaning you and your Become clothing stay fresh all day.

Products are excellent. The briefs were a revelation and I can’t wear any others. So comfortable and cool. The company is unbelievable in terms of customer service. I had the same experience of others as I needed a different size and they sent a replacement straight away and told me to keep the first one! Super quick reply from a great team. Have bought twice since then as the products are so good.

Comfy and breathable material, stretchy and fits well for sizing.

I don't sweat in the knickers or vest I wear them in 12 hour night shifts and leave feeling fresh and clean.

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