Badger Cheerful Mind Balm Sweet Orange & Spearmint Balm 17g

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In Stock!

Badger Balm Cheerful Mind Balm uses citrus aromas and lemon essential oils to instantly brighten your mood and lift up your thoughts. 

  • Bright, fresh and sweet aroma - helps to lift your thoughts
  • Portable aromatherapy in a handy twist-up balm
  • Moisturises skin - with an olive oil base and essential oils for natural, skin-softening benefits
  • Gorgeous scent - like a natural perfume, helping to spread the cheerful vibes
  • Easy to use - just twist up and dab onto your wrists, neck, chest or other pressure points

The bright, cheerful citrus scents of orange and lemon can help to perk you up, and spearmint and ylang ylang help to relax and focus your mind - allowing you to take five minutes for yourself and refocus with a little more mental clarity.


Why do women with menopause love this product? 

"If I find myself very irritated and snappy with my family, I take five minutes to sit somewhere quiet, and I dab this balm on my forehead and neck. I love how the scent gives me an instant boost." 

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