Maryon's 6 Week Cruising Through The Menopause Boot Camp

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Maryon Stewart's 6 Week Cruising Through The Menopause Boot Camp is designed to teach you how to develop your own custom programme that will help eliminate your symptoms.

Maryon’s step-by-step approach includes:

  • Videos, tips, and lessons
  • Group Support
  • Video Q & A with Maryon
  • Action Steps all designed for you to Take Back Your Life Again!

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What You'll Learn

  • HRT and the Natural Approach
  • How To Choose Your Path
  • How to Alleviate Common Symptoms
  • Is Your Diet Good For You And What To Do If It Isn't
  • Benefits Of A Phytoestrogen Rich Diet And What Exactly To Eat
  • How To Reclaim Your Brain And Your Memory
  • The Untold Benefits Of Relaxation And Exercise
  • How To Beat The Bloat  
  • How to Rediscover Peaceful Sleep
  • What To Do To Stop Cravings Immediately  
  • How to Understand Your Symptoms And
  • Work Out Your Goals
  • The Scientifically Based Supplements That Actually Work
  • What To Do When Stress Strikes


Programme Overview

Week 1

Get familiar with your treatment options for perimenopause and menopause and learn short cuts to control hot flushes, night sweats, panic attacks, aches and pains, painful sex, headaches, tearfulness, and insomnia.

Week 2

Understand the relationship between diet and hormones and learn how to detect and correct nutritional deficiencies so that you get your hormone function back on track.

Week 3

Getting to know about Mother Nature’s secret foods that normalise your hormone function at the time of the menopause, beat the bloat, curb the cravings and lose weight without dieting.

Week 4

Learn about the science based supplements that have been shown to dramatically reduce menopause related symptoms and learn how to release happy hormones naturally.

Week 5

Discover the secrets to sleeping peacefully as well as feeling positive and sexy again.  

Week 6

Beat brain fog, rekindle your memory and create your personal action plan to reclaim your wellbeing and get symptom free.

What Women Are Saying...

“Before the Boot Camp, I had no energy and was unable to concentrate in my role running a large family business. Post Boot Camp I feel so much better. Within weeks my energy was back and I could once again cope with rigors of my job. Whatever happens, the changes gained from the Boot Camp are for life, and I bless the day I came across you (Maryon)!”


"I came across Maryon by chance on Facebook. Back then, only a couple of months ago, I was in a bad place with no idea what was wrong with me. I decided to join Maryon’s 6 Week Bootcamp and in only a few short weeks, after adopting Maryon’s advice and making a few lifestyle changes, I am already getting my old self back! Maryon is an authority on the Menopause and has helped and is helping women all over the world. I am so glad I found her. I feel amazing and will never look back - words cannot convey how grateful I am.”


“I have suffered from menopause symptoms especially debilitating headaches and migraines. Although I was prescribed several types of HRT, none of which worked for me. Maryon’s programme has been a miracle. After two months I feel better than I can remember and I am weaning off the HRT!”


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