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Live Better With Menopause Spotlight Awards 2018

About the Menopause Spotlight Awards

The inaugural Community Spotlight Awards by Live Better With Menopause celebrate the achievements of truly remarkable people, products, and services in the menopause community.

Why have we created the Spotlight Awards?

We want to celebrate the successes and achievements of everyone in the menopause community who has demonstrated a passion and a commitment to overcoming obstacles and helping others in similar situations.

What are the categories?

  Menopause Spotlight Awards 2018
We're proud of all the products we stock here at Live Better With Menopause, but we want to know which ones you really rate. From cooling products that help keep your hot flushes at bay, to that wonder balm that helps ease your insomnia - we want to know about it!
Menopause Spotlight Awards 2018
Menopause coaches provide much-needed support, advice and knowledge, be it personally or for your workplace. They help change outlooks on menopause and educate a wider audience too. We want to hear if you’ve had a great experience with a coach, and why!
Menopause Spotlight Awards 2018
Many of our community tell us that it's helpful to read each other's stories. Knowing you're not the only one to experience a particular menopause symptom is reassuring, and there's nothing quite as comforting as hearing from someone who just gets it. If you've found comfort in the stories of others, or have a space that you rely on for candid, practical advice, submit a nomination and help other women just like you.
Menopause Spotlight Awards 2018
Have you read a book that's changed the way you think about menopause? Whether it's your experience or that of a loved one, reading can help us to process complex situations. We're proud to carry a range of fabulous books by several different authors; each with a unique perspective on the cancer experience. If there's a book that's made a difference to you, we'd love to know about it!  You can nominate any book (of any length, language, or menopause topic).
Menopause Spotlight Awards 2018
We want to celebrate the workplaces who have put steps in place to support employees when going through the menopause. Whether it’s providing discreet menopause bathroom boxes for the office, running seminars and drop-in clinics, to providing education and information to ALL employees, we want to help shine a light on the great work companies and employers have been doing.
Menopause Spotlight Awards 2018
This award is really to shine a light on any individual, group or service that have helped make leaps in the raising of awareness of the menopause. These are seen as industry experts who have made an invaluable difference. 

How to Nominate a person or service for a Menopause Spotlight Award

We know you may have a few people or brands in mind, so you can vote multiple times for multiple categories.
To vote, please submit your nominees using our Spotlight Awards nomination form.


Nominations close at midnight on 13th October 2018.


Our winners will be truly 'community choices', based on the number of nominations from both our community and the public, with input from two fantastic menopause experts (who are also much talked-about in the community), such as renowned menopause expert, trained psychotherapist and wellbeing consultant, Diane Danzebrink, as well as 'Menopause Chef' Sabrina Zeif.

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