MYAID Femmax Set of 4 Vaginal Dilators

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Developed by an NHS nurse specialist, these dilators are the ideal tool for reducing discomfort during intimate moments and day-to-day life. Includes a range of sizes and a detailed instructional booklet for ease of use.

Key Features:

  • 4 sizes for comfortable and gradual treatment.
  • Comes with a discrete and compact carry case.
  • Body-safe and BPA free.

The thinning of vaginal tissue and contraction of the vagina during the menopause (known as vaginal atrophy) can lead to discomfort during sex. It is also common to experience involuntary contraction of the muscles around the vagina (known as Vaginismus), making penetration difficult or even painful. The regular use of a dilator can help alleviate both of these symptoms, gently increasing vaginal capacity so that pelvic examinations or intercourse are more comfortable and no longer a concern.

The MYAID Femmax set is ideal for both women who haven’t tried dilators before and those who have benefited from them previously. The range of sizes included means insertion should never be painful and allows for a gradual progression as you get more comfortable with your set. Included in this set is a discrete carry case, two sachets of lubricant and a detailed instructional booklet, so you’ll have everything you need to get started.

It is recommended that this product is always used in conjunction with a quality lubricant. 

Please note, this product must be used with lubrication and you should consider discussing use with a Dr or women's health physio.

  • No.1 Dilator - 35mm diameter
  • No.2 Dilator - 27mm diameter
  • No.3 Dilator - 20mm diameter
  • No.4 Dilator - 15mm diameter
  • Weight: 250g

Used for tightness and atrophy after menopause because I have a new partner and intercourse was impossible. It took about three months using these a few times a week for ten to twenty minutes but they really worked. Couldn't manage the smallest at first but now on the largest. It is a bit of a painful process working your way up and I didn't think I would get there but perseverance and gritted teeth helped. 

This product helped me a lot, very easy to use simple and helpful guide to progression. Comfortable with easy guide. it is also important to have discussions with a gynaecologist and do the suggested further reading.

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