Kegel Trainers FAQs

  • The regular use of Kegel Balls will strengthen the pelvic muscles, which are important in controlling urine flow. If you suffer with stress urinary incontinence, strengthen your pelvic muscles can be immensely helpful in regaining control. However, if it is urge or mixed urinary incontinence you struggle with, Kegel balls are less likely to help.
  • You do not need to do Kegel exercises every day. Like any exercise routine, doing regular sessions while including days of rest is the best way to increase strength. A good place to start with Kegel exercises could be 20 minute sessions up to 3 days a week.
  • In your first session your physical therapist will talk with you about what it is you are struggling with and probably perform a pelvic exam to assess what it is that you need. You will then be put on a program to help you improve the physical and emotional difficulties you have been experiencing. This could be regular Kegel exercises or the regular use of a dilator, depending on what you have been struggling with.
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