Vagisan Moist Cream 50g

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Vagisan MoistCream with dual effect provides quick-acting, soothing lubrication for anyone suffering from vaginal dryness. The discreet, moisturising cream can help to restore suppleness and relief discomfort, both during sex and in your day-to-day life.

  • Relief from itching, burning and pain
  • Hormone-free relief from vaginal discomfort
  • Easy to use, discreet travel-size tube

Vagisan can help all women who cannot or do not want to apply local oestrogens: it provides moisture AND soothing lipids (fats) to the skin in the vaginal and external genital area.

Vagisan MoistCream makes the sensitive skin in the vaginal area pleasantly supple – without the need for hormones.


This product is amazing! I was prescribed oestrogen cream for post menopausal symptoms which didn’t work. I saw my gynaecologist last week & he stated that after using this cream along with the internal Vagisan they have completely reversed my symptoms & I now live in comfort. I would recommend this to any lady suffering from burning & itching down below.

I have had problems with pain and soreness for a long time,since using this product i have had some relief.Would purchase it again.

I love this product, it's very easy to use it hasn't irritated me at all, it just does what it says on the tube!
I have felt uncomfortable for a while since menopause,but now that I am using this product, I feel like the old me, try it!

Vagisan Moist Cream 50g FAQs

  • Vagisan is a moisturising cream formulated to relieve vaginal dryness. It can be regularly applied to the interior and exterior of the vagina as well as the surrounding intimate areas to ease discomfort and encourage healthier tissue. It contains no hormones and is pH matched to avoid irritation.

  • Vagisan works because of its unique formulation. This moisturising cream has a very high water content, which hydrates tissue and relieves dryness. It also contains many fats, called lipids, which restore your skin’s natural barrier so that it feels healthy and soft again.

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