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The Live Better With Menopause Community is filled with real people with lived experience of the menopause: from hot flushes, to aches and pains to foggy brains. It’s a space to go to share stories, find  support, and pick up hints and tips for all things menopausal, from the people who understand the most - other menopausal and perimenopausal women.

Here’s a round-up of some of the latest forum discussions...

‘I am a clutterbrain at the moment...’

New forum member Lelly07 writes:

'I haven't had a period for over a year now and I am 50yrs old, and my dr told me that I had to wait a year before medication! I have every single symptom going at the moment and the worst one is my memory. Have you any advise on how I can improve this as I am a clutterbrain at the moment.'

Forgetfulness is a familiar symptom for our community members. Kaz replied:

I'm a clutterbrain too! There were times I thought I may be showing the early signs of dementia. It runs in the family! When I began forgetting words, and finding things like the kettle in the fridge, I began to get frightened. I relaxed when I discovered that it was another sign of the menopause, and these days I try to relax and have a giggle when I forget things or do daft stuff. That said, I do keep a notebook with me to write the things I definitely don't want to forget - but I don't worry so much about it now.

And Julie20 shared her own experience:

'As for the memory I have had to learn to embrace it . I will make you laugh though. I work for the NHS and I was recently speaking to a patient regarding eczema and how to correctly apply creams and instead of saying to them you have to rub the cream in one direction the same as the follicles I told them they had to rub it in the same direction as the fur.. for the life of me I couldn't remember the word hair.. they looked at me like I was mad 😂 it happens on a daily basis now so I have to just laugh. You are definitely not alone :)'

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‘I probably get only 3 hours sleep’

Forum member Green15 wrote:

'I have very broken sleep at nights. In total I probably get only 3 hours sleep. At the moment I don't feel tired or have dark patch under my eyes, but feel if it continues it will take its toll. I have tried everything suggested but have no effect. Do you have any suggestions for what may help?'

There were plenty of practical suggestions for better sleep from the community, including: ‘magnesium, valerian, no electronic devices before bed, warm milk at bedtime, eating bananas (!), Lavender sprays, fans to keep the bedroom cool, water sprays; black out curtains; herbal teas and mindfulness apps.

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Ask the Expert: Steven Crumblehulme

Steven Crumblehulme is a psychologist, reflexologist and creator of Menomagic, a natural, paraben-free and vegan-friendly cream with a blend of essential oils to help maintain your wellbeing in the menopause.

Steven offers advice and provide strategies to help minimise the feelings of stress and anxiety, through breathing techniques, mindfulness exercises and neuro-linguistic programming exercises to help you feel more resilient.

On the forum he answers questions from the members on all sorts of menopause topics, and offers practical tips to deal with mental health issues including stress and low moods.

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