Our Q&A with Jennifer Kennedy, author of the incredibly popular menopause blog, Galloping Catastrophe…

Jennifer Kennedy’s blog Galloping Catastrophe has amassed 30,000 followers, keen to hear the lastest very realistic, often hilarious episodes in her struggle to survive menopause.

She says her vision is to be a bit more Helen Mirren about the whole menopause thing – but the reality is tha she ‘is fat and getting fatter, forgetful, bad tempered, moody and can find solace only in wine and chocolate.’

Jennifer was the winner of the inaugural Live Better With Spotlight Award for ‘Best Blogger’ in 2017. Here’s her Q&A…


What were the first menopausal symptoms you had (and when)?

Irritability – about a year ago. And the hot flushes.


What have been the most difficult things about menopause?



Why did you decide to start the Galloping Catastrophe blog? Has its popularity surprised you?

All the books and articles I read were either very staid and medical based – or by celebrities who had thousands of pounds to spend on private treatment. I wanted to do something light hearted that the woman on the street could identify with I was surprised when it hit 1,000 followers – so when it hit 30K I was shocked!!


Has blogging – and the online community – helped you to cope better with menopause?

Yes – it’s good to hear others stories and how they have dealt with their symptoms.


What other practical things (aside from wine and chocolate…) have helped you to live better with menopause symptoms?

Eating well, exercising and having a laugh with friends. And realising that getting to this age is a privilege denied to many.


What are the myths about menopause that should be busted?

That it is perfectly natural and nothing to make a fuss about…


What advice or tips would you give other women approaching or going through menopause?

Take it one day at a time and explore the options that are best for yourself – there is no one size fits all.


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