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By nature, mums are self-sacrificing creatures, but Mother’s Day is the one day of the year when you have the best excuse to put yourself first. Taking care of yourself isn’t selfish - it’s essential. It helps you to recharge so that you can keep giving all that you have to the ones you love. So, don’t feel guilty about pampering yourself this Mother’s Day, especially when you’re experiencing menopause symptoms. Ready for some good old quality ‘me time’? Here are some ideas on how to treat yourself this Mother’s Day weekend: 


Mindful Moments Teddy Bear Gift Set

If you often find yourself stressed and tense, then our Mindful Moments Teddy Bear Gift Set could be just what you need. This gift set includes a soothing lip balm, a relaxing reed diffuser, a cooling gel eye mask and our Live Better With Relaxation Bath Soak, made from nourishing pink Himalyan salt, skin-softening coconut milk and 100% essential oils to help wake your body up and energise you. Annnnd relax...


Soothe & Protect Teddy Bear Gift Set

Skin can become dry, itchy and more sensitive when going through ‘the change’. The Soothe & Protect Teddy Bear Gift Set includes a luxuriously nourishing lip balm, a regenerating natural calendula soap and Menomagic - an organic, paraben-free treatment formulated to relieve itchiness/dry skin as well as other symptoms including hot flushes and night sweats.


Chillow Cooling Pillow

We all know the importance of good quality sleep, but menopause symptoms such as night sweats and irritated skin can make it very difficult to rest well. The Original Chillow Pillow® insert uses a unique water based cooling system to soothe the body and mind so that it is easier to drift off.


Menopause Super Bundle

Although every woman’s journey through the menopause is different, there are a handful of common symptoms that most women experience. The Menopause Super Bundle addresses some of these common symptoms including hot flushes, headaches, mood changes, discomfort and sleep disturbance. You’ll find space and support in Me & My Menopausal Vagina, Janes Lewis’ informative and often hilarious book about her experiences at midlife. You might enjoy reading it during a long, relaxing bath using the Lotus Therapies Bath Soak or as a hands-free reading experience propped up in the iBeani; a soft, versatile stand for books and tablets.


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