An essential part of many people's bedtime routine is winding down with a soothing hot drink. But if chamomile tea or hot milk don't do it for you, we've got some more exciting ideas you can try - with ingredients scientifically proven to help increase sleep hormones and relax the body in preparation for dozing off.

1. Bedtime Green Smoothie

Our first recipe might seem like something you'd expect to see on a breakfast menu - but if you're like most people and struggle to fit in all the nutrients you need during the day, a bedtime smoothie isn't such a crazy idea.

This gorgeous smoothie includes three natural ingredients known to help improve the quality of your sleep. The oats and cherry juice have been proven to boost melatonin, the hormone that triggers the sleeping part of your sleep-wake cycle - and the bananas included in the recipe add potassium to the mix, which is known to play a role in helping you stay asleep once you've got there. Try it here.

2. Wind Down Spa Iced Tea

This one's for all the hot flushers out there! Many cancer treatments can have the nasty side effect of hot flushes and night sweats, making it hard to get the rest and recovery you need. If that sounds familiar, this chilled out spa-style iced tea could be the perfect addition to your sleep routine. 

Blending the classic soothing bedtime flavours of chamomile and lavender, this tea is great for keeping in a huge jug in the fridge, ready to pour out a glass as part of your evening wind-down routine. Try it here.


3. Pink Moon Milk

Finally, perhaps the prettiest drink we've ever seen - this is a sweet, sleepy twist on that classic bedtime recommendation, a cup of warm milk. With all the soothing properties of a cosy cup of milk, this recipe also includes cherry juice for a boost of sleep-inducing melatonin, plus a sprinkle of the ancient herb ashwagandha, popularly used to reduce stress and balances out body functions. Just preparing this gorgeous brew will make a calming, self-caring addition to any bedtime routine - it's ten minutes set aside just for you, with no interruptions, and a soft, frothy treat at the end of it. Try it here.